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Piano Tuning


I recommend that your piano is tuned every 6 months in order to maintain concert pitch. Your piano must be tuned to concert pitch if it is being played along with other instruments. 

If your piano hasn't been tuned for a while it may have dropped in pitch and will require a pitch raise. 

I am able to to carry out an assessment of your piano, or one you are thinking of purchasing for a small fee.  

Methods of payment accepted



Bacs transfer

Piano Keys

Pitch adjustment & fine tune 


If your piano hasn't been tuned for a while, it may have dropped in pitch. This is where the strings naturally lower their tension over a period of time and to bring them back up to standard concert pitch (A440) will require two tunings, this can be done on the same visit.


Piano Maintenance & Repair

The touch and responsiveness of the piano can be improved through a process of regulation. From something as simple as a sticking key through to a complete regulation of the action. There are many benefits of having a correctly regulated action, the piano will feel nicer to play and the pianist will be able to achieve better dynamics. 


I am able to complete minor repairs and regulation whilst attending a tuning.

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